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Preparing Your Business for an Audit

Just like a tax audit, a financial audit can put enormous stress on business owners. Verifying your business’ financial status with a thorough audit of your accounting and reporting is a lengthy procedure and no stone is left unturned. If you are facing a financial audit for a business loan, you want to be prepared.…
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4 Keys to Growing Your Business

Growing your business is a continual progression, from first establishing your customer base, to moving to the various levels of growth throughout the years. What worked to build your business’ brand in the first few years may not be enough to continue to higher revenue and expansion goals as you and your company reach new…
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Why not use email for sensitive file transfers?

We are often tempted to just use email to send documents. It’s quick and easy. The problem is many documents contain sensitive information identity thieves would love to get their hands on. The “email as a secure file” sharing method is a contradiction in terms. Consider the following: (more…)
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How to Avoid a Big Tax Bill at the End of the Year

If mid-April usually comes with a hefty tax bill to pay, it is time to consider better options for reducing this drain to your bank account. Effective tax and accounting strategies can help minimize your tax obligations and make it easier to manage the cost of your taxes. Knowing the options available and having a…
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