Choosing the type of legal entity for your new business

The decision to start your own business comes with many other important decisions. One of the first tasks you will encounter is choosing the legal form of your new business. There are quite a few choices of legal entities, each with their own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into consideration along with your…
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What You Need to File Your Taxes

Every year the tax code seems to get more complex and confusing, which is especially true this year with the new tax laws. The documents and information below will help expedite your return preparation and allow your refund to arrive that much sooner. These are also crucial steps to ensure you are properly protected in…
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Cybercrime is thriving.  It’s a multibillion-dollar industry and growing. Today’s threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Attacks are carried out through the spread of malicious programs, unauthorized web access, fake websites, and other means of stealing personal or business information. We must all be aware of the threats and do what we can to help protect…
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