Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer Services

As your business grows, the quality service of a chief financial officer (CFO) is invaluable to the future growth and profitability of your company. A CFO is responsible for assisting the company in achieving its financial goals by providing both operational and systematic support to the organization. The CFO plays an important role in establishing the business's accounting policies and procedures, which must be designed to enhance profitability while conforming to the increasingly complex tax regulations and generally accepted accounting principles.

Our commercial and business accountants have the knowledge and ability to actively assist in the financial management of your company. Our accountants act as an extension of your company, while helping to identify ways to increase your company's profitability. We are dedicated to adding value to your company in efforts to assist your company in reaching your business and strategic plan goals.

MMKR's Chief Financial Officer Services include the following services, among others, which are designed to provide your company with the expert guidance you need to succeed:

Services Provided

  • Identifying ways to increase profitability and assisting in performing the necessary tasks to achieve the organization's mission and help execute the company's strategic plans.
  • Assist and train the finance and other staff on awareness and knowledge of financial matters.
  • Bookkeeping services, including frequent meetings to evaluate financial performance.
  • Financial statement analysis, including ratio and cash flow analysis.
  • Preparation of financial statement forecasts and projections.
  • Recommend accounting standards and mentoring employees on how to implement and maintain these standards.
  • Creating monthly financial reports, as well as cash flow projections to assist in ongoing business operations.
  • Oversee inventory and fixed assets, ensuring the company's assets are accounted for in accordance with federal regulations, including providing recommendations that provide beneficial tax positions and tax planning.
  • Cash flow management and projections
  • Financial projections, including budget development
  • Negotiating business financing

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