Our Mission

MMKR serves clients with creative and cost-effective business management solutions designed to help them meet their goals now and into the future.

We fulfill our mission by offering customized solutions and services to our clients. In our efforts to help clients reach their goals, we become their business partners members of their teams. We provide them with solid, forward-thinking business strategies, expertise, and advice along with traditional accounting, audit, and tax consulting services.

Our Core Values

Our Client Service Philosophy

The quality of our services is directly related to the time and energy we invest in our client relationships. We believe that we offer more than a standard certified public accounting firm. We are known as much for our personable services, as for our excellent technical talents as certified public accountants.

It takes a blend of sincere interest and professional talent to deliver services of the caliber that MMKR provides. We possess the credentials and strong motivation necessary to help clients reach their financial goals.

Each of our clients is unique; therefore, we respond to each with tailored advice and services specific to their needs. A constant in all of our relationships, however, is our delivery of ethical, dependable, responsive, and innovative financial advice.