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Cybercrime is thriving.  It’s a multibillion-dollar industry and growing. Today’s threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Attacks are carried out through the spread of malicious programs, unauthorized web access, fake websites, and other means of stealing personal or business information. We must all be aware of the threats and do what we can to help protect…
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Itemized Deductions under New Tax Reform

Under the new tax law, with the combination of higher standard deductions and paring back of itemized deductions there will be far fewer filers itemizing in 2018 compared to prior years. The new standard deductions are $24,000 for married couples filing a joint return, $12,000 for single filers and $18,000 for heads of households. Further,…
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Countdown to 2018 Tax Season: Are You Ready?

Halloween is still more than a month away and already we are talking about taxes. For a good reason too. Filing taxes next year could be scary if you aren’t prepared. Those who kept up with news on Capitol Hill already know there have been massive changes in the federal tax laws, but the Minnesota…
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Retirement Planning Made Simple

Are you set up for a comfortable retirement? If you have carefully planned for your retirement and have everything in place for the day you retire, that is excellent news. However, most people have procrastinated planning their retirement, considering it too complicated or time-consuming to take on at any given moment. However, ignoring the issue…
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