Professional Qualifications

Aaron Nielsen specializes in meeting the unique accounting needs of school districts, municipalities, and other governmental entities. His previous professional experience as an Assistant Director of Business Services for a school district brings him deep insight into this clientele's specific needs and operations. Parlaying this understanding to professional accounting, Aaron has conducted audits of these groups, including those required for their associated federal financial assistance programs. He has also helped this clientele in budget development, operational reviews, cash flow projection, process evaluation, and audit manual development. In addition, Aaron has also conducted commercial audits, compiled tax returns, and performed monthly compilations.

To ensure he stays current with the latest in accounting practices, Aaron receives at least 40 hours annually of continuing professional education, a portion of which are focused on government auditing standards. This training is added to an educational foundation of Aaron's Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Southwest State University, with summa cum laude graduation honors.

Service Expertise

Aaron has provided MMKR clients with the following services, among several others:

  • Audits of school districts, municipalities and other governmental entities, in addition to the auditing required for their federal financial assistance programs
  • Management consulting services in budget development, operational reviews, cash flow projection and management, negotiations costing and process reviews
  • Assistance in the development of audit manuals for municipalities, school districts, fire relief associations, and federal financial assistance programs
  • Various commercial audits, tax returns, and monthly compilations

Professional Memberships and Activities

Aaron is an active participant in the following professional organizations:

  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA)
  • Minnesota Chapter of Government Finance Officers Association (MnGFOA)
  • Minnesota Association of School Business Officials (MASBO)
  • Association of School Business Officials (ASBO)