Financial Consulting Services

Strategic accounting is not just for tax time. It's about following a long-term approach to help your company achieve its goals that go beyond minimizing this year's tax bill. Through MMKR's Consulting Services, clients and our team of expert accountants collaborate to identify and understand a company's current situation and needs; identify a variety of options and the implications of each; determine the appropriate long-term plans; and then execute those plans to both minimize taxes in the current year while laying the foundation for future tax health and business growth.

Our one-on-one work with clients lets us serve as an extension of your accounting department. We strive to understand your business and its needs, and then guide you through setting up your accounting systems and training your staff on their use; establishing appropriate reporting standards; and in evaluating the various operational aspects of your business to determine the tax implications and the optimum use of your resources.

MMKR's Consulting Services include the following, among others designed to provide you with the expert guidance you need to succeed:

Services Provided

  • Internal Controls – MMKR provides a variety of services in the development and analysis of accounting and financial reporting internal controls, including providing efficiency analysis. MMKR also analyzes and develops job and process cost accounting systems.
  • Financial Projections – MMKR provides financial projections in a variety of areas, including cash flow management, revenue projections, lease versus buy analysis, budget development, and sale and acquisition analysis, among others.
  • Business Valuation – When you or your business is presented with an opportunity, such as an acquisition or other larger-scale event, MMKR can help you in your decision-making process, by evaluating the financial implications, both positive and negative, the opportunity it presents; projecting cash flow; and analyzing debt service.
  • Employee Benefits – We understand the impact a company's benefits program has on its bottom line, and how the selection of an appropriate plan is crucial. MMKR can advise you on a variety of benefits related issues, including buy-sell agreements, Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs), bonus and commission structures, and retirement plans.
  • Human Resources – MMKR can help you source, screen, evaluate, and hire candidates to fill your key financial-related positions, and then can help train the employee in your accounting systems upon hire.
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness – MMKR offers its expertise to support your litigation-related efforts, such as those involved with insurance cases, or to substantiate claims, calculate the time value of money or interest earned over a period of time, or analyze accounting practices.
  • IRS Representation – In the instances of an IRS audit, MMKR can act on your behalf to gather all documentation and other information necessary, and then present the information to the IRS.

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